Eutelsat 48A is used to provide Internet trunking solutions for Central Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, especially for Afghanistan and Iraq.

Eutelsat 48A formerly Eurobird 9 is operating in an inclined orbit at 48° East. Service on Eutelsat 48A can be delivered to customers through the Newtec EL470 Modem.

The recommended antenna size is 2.4m Antenna minimum with motorized mount, RC2000 tracking controller, and a beacon receiver. With this equipment you are able to get trunking services with rates up to 160MB/s (IP over DVBS2) to different markets, such as ISP's, GSM Backhauls, and VOIP trunks in the Middle east and Asia area.

Operator: European Telecommunications Satellite Consortium (EUTELSAT)
Launch site: Cape Canaveral
Launch vehicle: Delta II
Launch mass (kg): 2915
Dry mass (kg): 1700
Manufacturer: EADS Astrium
Model (bus): Eurostar-2000+

Equipment recommendations for Eutelsat 48A networks:
Required modems: Newtec EL470
Required BUCs: Based on link budget, e.g. 8W - 25W
Required LNBs: L.O. 10.75 GHz PLL LNB, Receive frequency 11.7GHz - 12.2GHz
Required dish size: 2.4m
Additional hardware: Beacon receiver, motorized tracking system