Q. I already have VSAT equipment. Do I have to buy new equipment from you?

The answer is may-be. Depending on requirements we will work with you to determine if your existing equipment is re-usable.

Q. What camps and areas do you service in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Relyt international is the American-based company serving all areas of Iraq and Afghanistan including all military camps, business development and reconstruction zones, remote locations, and other regions of the Middle East. We work closely with Afghanistan’s subcontractors to fulfill customers requirements.

Q. How much does it cost and how do I get started with my services?

Click on our Contact Us section. By answering the questions in this section, you will help us provide you with the right information for your service needs.

Q. What is a VSAT?

The term Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) refers to a small fixed earth station. VSATs provide the vital communication link required to set up a satellite based communication network. VSATs can support any communication requirement be it voice, data, or video conferencing.

Q. What is Bandwidth?

Simply put, bandwidth is the carrying capacity of a network. It's rather like a highway. Three lane highways can carry more traffic than two lane highways. However, neither can carry an infinite amount of traffic. At a certain level, even a six lane highway can become saturated. Bandwidth is finite.

Speed and performance on a network (or highway) is inversely proportional to the amount of traffic carried - that is: more traffic, slower speeds. Performance is based on volume of traffic.

Like a highway, a data network is shared by all the users who have access to it. In other words, there are no reserved or express lanes. The more bandwidth any one individual uses, the less there is available for the rest of the user population. Bandwidth is shared.

Q. Why is Relyt International Internet Service Considered Superior?

• Whether it’s Internet connectivity or Voice calls using VoIP, we use only the highest quality equipment to provide better transmission to our customers

• Relyt only partners with satellite providers that are well known for their exceptional quality and provides a 99.95% service performance guarantee

• Our coverage is the best coverage in Iraq and Afghanistan

• 24/7 Customer Service. You’ll work directly with us – not a third party.