We will provide an aggressive support team to monitor your IT requests and assist your company with meeting and exceeding your business demands.

We are partnered with a number of different satellite companies to provide an integrated solution that allows customers to get the best products, customer support and exceptional services. Our Cisco certified design incorporates today’s high-tech security implementations and address all requirements necessary to enjoy high-speed internet in an extremely secured environment. Relyt International takes pride in our reputation and superior customer service.

Our customer support center provides clients with remote support provided by seasoned technical experts for server, desktop, and network issues. Working in conjunction with your technology management consultants, Relyt International delivers fast and efficient service during regular business hours, as well as offering after hours help desk care for situations that need immediate attention. All of these services ensure your IT environment is safeguarded 24/7.

Our consulting services can help you devise a strategic plan for your business. We will aid you in stabilizing and securing your current IT environment, and work with you as you plan the future phases of your business. We provide recommendations for the most appropriate strategy for your success—all without having to burden your business with full-time IT tasks. From day-to-day troubleshooting, strategic long term planning to preventative strategies problems, Relyt International is here to supplement your IT needs with on-demand experts.

Key benefits of working with Relyt International

  • • Free up time to focus on your core business functions
  • • Reduce cost and control operating expenses
  • • Access highly specialized skills
  • • On-demand resources
  • • Reduce downtime during transitions and Technical refreshes
  • • Technology edge over competitors
  • • Protection from threats on the World Wide Web ensuring customers data is safe