We partner with a number of leading system integrators for VSAT satellite services in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Together we design, implement, and maintain satellite networks for corporate, governmental and military clients with a focus on:High speed Intranet and Internet access, VNO, closed usergroup, VPN, VoIP, VSAT-Monitoring, QOS and HUB-Managing.

Our partners provide teleport & satellite services with its own hub-infrastructure on 4 different teleports. They are manned 24/7 and have a reliable internet connection.The provided range of satellite services in the Ku, Ka and C-Band range starts with end user services for home-use up to trunking-solutions to offer speeds up to 150MB/s.

Together Relyt and our VSAT satellite partners offer several monitoring tools to give a maximum service-transparency to its customers. With these tools, clients can easily figure out answers about their data-usage, connection-stability and other remote-status. We also offer several LAN Monitoring tools to provide answers on bandwidth consumption from users, local uplink statuses and ensuring maximum LAN link and device throughput to offset the inherited latency characteristic of VSAT connectivity.

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57° NSS 12, KU-Band

SES Worldskies NSS12 KU band satellite covers nearly all of Europe, the West Middle East and North as well as East Africa.

This beam has strong signal coverage and reaches the highest modulation.

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Eutelsat 48A

Eutelsat 48A is used to provide Internet trunking solutions for Central Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, especially for Afghanistan and Iraq.

Eutelsat 48A formerly Eurobird 9 is operating in an inclined orbit at 48° East. Service on Eutelsat 48A can be delivered to customers through the Newtec EL470 Modem.

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Arabsat 5C

The Arabsat 5C satellite covers Africa, Middle East and Afghanistan.

Arabsat offers a great solution for Internet, data and voice communications services to broadcasters, ISPs, network integrators, telecom companies and government organizations.

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Eutelsat 10A

The Eutelsat 10A satellite covers Europe, North African and the Middle East.

This network is compatible with Hughes hardware.

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Eutelsat 21A

The Eutelsat 21A satellite covers most parts of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa

Countries like Iraq and Afghanistan have a strong signal quality for higher modulations.